Homeowner operating boiler in kitchen

Do you need a new boiler?

If you’re a home owner looking to replace your old boiler our gas boiler installers can provide you with an ‘A’ Rated replacement boiler from the leading boiler brands in the UK. 

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Are you looking for Boiler Installers?

PlumbAgent boiler installers can supply a new boiler with installation in as little as 24 hours.

Why not start by securing your fixed price boiler replacement to get the ball rolling.

We can provide a choice of new boiler installation packages including some of the leading boiler brands in the UK and you can choose the warranty period that suits you best.

Best Boilers

Ideal Logic Plus Boiler

PlumbAgent installs only the best central heating boilers available in the UK market today.

Our new boiler prices are fixed and come complete with installation.

Manufacturer warranties range from 2 to 10 years meaning you are in control when deciding the Ideal Boilers for you.

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Boiler Replacement

Old Ideal Elite gas boiler

If you’re looking to find out the cost of a new boiler you can secure a fixed price by using our handy boiler pricing tool.

Our boiler installers have been in the trade for many years and combined they have literally thousands of years experience.

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Boiler Types

PlumbAgent helps you decide on the best boiler replacement type for your home. There are three basic central heating system types found in UK homes today with combi boilers accounting for the biggest share.

System boilers can be used when there are system constraints preventing the use of other boiler types such as no loft space or poor water flow rates.

Regular or heat only boilers are more traditional and rely on storage tanks often sited in the loft and airing cupboard. Combi boilers are often used to replace this boiler type in smaller properties where hot water demand is limited.

Calling Boiler Installers

Gas Safe Engineer

PlumbAgent supports all trades people working in the UK plumbing & heating industry.

The market is changing quickly with online boiler pricing tools starting to dominate.

Home owners are finding different ways to engage with boiler installers and now is the time to prepare yourself for the continuing move towards digital in the UK heating sector.

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