Gas Safe No. 628460

PlumbAgent is a Gas Safe Registered business (Gas Safe No. 628460) offering fixed price boiler replacements to home owners around the UK. 

We install only the best boiler brands offering affordable prices with a choice of manufacturer warranties.

Digital Pricing Tool

The traditional way of contacting boiler installers to arrange for a replacement boiler installation is changing rapidly.

PlumbAgent makes it possible for home owners to find out the cost of a new boiler within a few minutes by completing an online pricing tool. 

There is a choice of brands and warranty periods ranging from 2 to 10 years giving home owners the power to specify a boiler replacement package specific to their unique requirements.

Our Boiler Installers

Boiler Installers

We have gas safe engineers in all areas of the country who are well insured, well trained and able to provide a high quality boiler installation.

This allows us to keep our prices down as no sales person will need to call and we can arrange to replace your old boiler quickly due to the digital pricing tools we have available

Flexible Payments

There is data available that says that less than 20% of UK home owners ‘plan’ to change their boiler and will wait for the old one to start giving them problems before they consider a boiler replacement.

This means that the need for a new boiler always seems to come along at just the wrong time from a financial viewpoint and most people won’t have spare funds lying around for a relatively major purchase.

Click the button below to find out how PlumbAgent can help if you would like to spread your payments.

PlumbAgent Benefits

Fixed Pricing

The boiler price you see in our quoting tool is fixed and final.

Flexible Payments

A choice of payment methods.

Quality Installation

High quality, local boiler installers.

Extended Warranties

Choose from 2 to 10 year manufacturer warranties.

Need a Fixed Price Boiler Replacement?

Choose the brand and warranty package to suit your needs
Fixed Price
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