The Case for automation

No matter how we complain or rally against it, the plain truth is that home owners up and down the country are heading to Google to find installers to replace their gas boiler.

...more home owners doing new boiler quotes

Yes, it’s true.

Leading keyword research tools tell us how many monthly Google searches are being done on terms like New Boiler (12,600) and Combi Boiler (27,100) !!! .

It’s fact and it’s growing.

New Boiler Installer

So what?...

Good question… it probably won’t affect you or your business.

You’ve always got enough to do and you’ve never bothered with website pricing tools or apps so why start now? It’s a fair point…

But, why take the risk? 

Recent business history is littered with examples of companies who failed because they didn’t change with the times: –

Remember Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, Blackberry?… I could go on.

And your point is?

Well – my point is just because something has always been doesn’t mean it will always be

It’s probably time to protect your business against the inevitable onset of DIGITAL.

Why not carry on doing what you’ve always done and have your own digital pricing tools too?

Sounds like a plan, but how?

Your Own Mobile Boiler Pricing App

Installer Website Image

Some Benefits: –

  • Get your own mobile boiler pricing app for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.
  • Shares by text, web url, Email, QR code and social media.
  • No need for app stores.
  • Allow your customer to generate their own new boiler quotation.
  • Manage your time more effectively.
  • Defend your business against larger companies.
  • Get Access to Finance tools and advertise them in the app.
  • Includes quoting tool with link to finance application.

Your Own Website Boiler Pricing Tool

You can also host your boiler pricing tool on your website as PlumbAgent will give you the code at no extra cost.

This means you can allow your customers to build their own boiler replacement quote without you having to attend the property.

You can follow up later should you wish to carry out a survey.

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