Boiler Replacement

It’s now very easy to get a boiler replacement cost for your home.

Boiler Replacement – How it Works

1. Choose your brand

boiler replacement tool

PlumbAgent helps the home owner make a conscious choice when it comes to selecting a new ‘A’ Rated Condensing Boiler replacement.

We include a wide selection of key UK boiler brands in our offer.

The really good thing is that you can set your budget and warranty choices when you replace your boiler.

2. Choose your warranty

Warranty image

We realise that choosing a new boiler is one of the most important things you’ll ever do as a homeowner.

It’s vital that you make the right choice alongside your PlumbAgent Installer.

This process starts before you get your new gas boiler fitted.

You can set out your requirements by using the PlumbAgent quoting tool below.

Many online boiler replacement installers take the homeowner through the questions and answers in their pricing tools.

They often have little regard for the basic brand and warranty requirements of the customer.

We explain in detail the various merits of each manufacturer before the quoting tool is used.

This means the homeowner can choose a brand and warranty requirement before they request a quote.

After all, we think the boiler warranty period should be in line with the customers’ needs and expectations and not just imposed.

3. Select your boiler replacement package

Boiler replacement package image

The cost of your new gas boiler replacement is dependent on the brand and the warranty period you choose.

Before you get your new gas boiler fitted decide on your preferred budget.

Then the required manufacturer’s warranty period.

After all, if you’re only planning on being in your current property for 5 years why would you go for a product that has a 10 year warranty attached?

This seems to us a waste of money as in reality you’re unlikely to get a payback on an extended boiler warranty from the new purchaser of your property. 

4. Get your boiler price

Cost of your boiler replacement.

We have a range of boiler replacement prices ranging from budget to premium.

You’ll find that we’re very competitive when you’re looking to find out the cost of a new boiler.

When you need a boiler replacement and you need to know which boiler is best.

Trust PlumbAgent to get it right!

5. Leave the rest to us

Gas Safe Boiler Installer.

It’s very important that your gas boiler replacement is delivered by well qualified and fully insured trades people.

That’s where PlumbAgent comes into its own.

We only engage top quality, local installers to replace your boiler.

Our network literally has 1000’s of years experience and covers the whole of the country.

This means that your installer will live not far away and is fully able to install your new boiler to comply with the exacting standards we set.

Find out more about the leading boiler brands recommended by PlumbAgent.

You’ll find this helps you when selecting your new boiler.

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