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Condensing boiler - what is it?

A condensing boiler is a heating appliance that costs you less to run by extracting more useful heat out of the gas you burn.

This type of Boiler has dual benefits...

A new condensing boiler from PlumbAgent will benefit homeowners in a couple of ways.

Firstly, it will save you money on your home heating bills and secondly it is kinder to the environment.

It also uses less gas which reduces harmful emissions like CO2

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Condensing Boilers

New ‘A’ Rated boilers must be a minimum of 92% efficient.

This compares favourably with older ‘non-condensing’ boilers which cost in the region of 40% more to run.

This is achieved by utilising a heat exchanger designed to capture and use latent heat.

Otherwise this would disappear out of the flue as is the case with older, standard efficiency boilers.

All boilers for sale in the UK are condensing  and differ from standard boilers in 2 distinct ways.

Condensate Drain

Condense Drain

A key difference between this type of boiler and a standard boiler is the provision of a condensate drain when installing a condensing boiler.

This is required to accommodate H2O  as one of the products of combustion.

Your installer will ensure there is no danger of the condense drain freezing in cold weather conditions.

This will cause the condensing boiler to fail.


Boiler Plume

These boilers reduce the temperature of flue gases that ordinarily would exit the flue at high temperature and not be visible.

Pluming is a product of combustion and is low temperature steam which can be seen exiting the flue terminal.

Care must be taken when considering how and where to site the flue terminal as pluming causes nuisance to adjoining properties

Condensing Boiler Types

Condensing Boiler Image

There are 3 types of condensing boiler for sale in the UK today.

These are combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers and all are available fully installed by PlumbAgent.

Here’s what Baxi and Ideal have to say about this boiler type.

Combi Boilers

Ideal Boilers

This type of boiler supplies heating and hot water for your property.

It does not work in conjunction with storage tanks.

System Boilers

Ideal Boilers

System boilers utilise an unvented hot water cylinder.

This provides mains pressure water to the hot taps.

Regular Boilers

Ideal Boilers

This boiler type relies on water storage with feed and expansion tanks in the loft space.

And a domestic hot water cylinder sited in the airing cupboard

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