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A Century of Innovation

Since 1906 Ideal Boilers have been manufacturing innovative heating appliances. Ideal aims to be the number one choice for home owners and installers through their attention to detail and their market leading warranty packages.

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Ideal Combi Boilers

If you're looking for the best combi boiler at the most competitive price you'll be hard pressed to beat the Logic Standard, Plus and Max range.

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Ideal System Boilers

Our range of Ideal system boilers includes the Logic Plus and Logic Max range. They are nicely styled and can be fitted in very confined spaces.

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Ideal Regular Boilers

Logic Max and Logic Plus regular or 'heating only' boilers complete the full range from Ideal. This range is most suitable for like for like boiler replacements.

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Combi Boiler Suitability

Combi boilers produce all of the heating and hot water requirements for a property. Consequently, they are more suitable for smaller properties with limited domestic hot water requirements.

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System Boiler Suitability

System boilers are suitable for any property size or type. They are installed when there is a system design consideration. An example could be limited space to site water storage tanks.

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Regular Boiler Suitability

Regular boilers have been fitted in UK homes for many decades now. They are very often replaced by combi boilers. Benefits include hot water back up from an immersion heater.

Ideal logo 2 year warranty
  • Logic Range
  • 2 year warranty as standard
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • Range of fluing options
  • Easy to use controls
  • Manufactured in the UK by Ideal Boilers
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Logic Range
  • 5 year warranty as standard
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • Range of fluing options
  • Easy to use controls
  • Manufactured in the UK by Ideal Boilers
  • Industry leading customer service
Ideal 7 Year Warranty Image
  • Logic Plus Range
  • Made in the UK
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • Quiet Mark Award
  • Queen’s Award 2013
  • Good Housekeeping 2013 and 2017
  • 7 year warranty* & 10 year warranty on heat exchanger**
10 Year Warranty Image
  • Logic Max Range
  • 10 year warranty*
  • Easy to reach pressure gauge on front panel
  • Compatible with Ideal controls
  • Service timer with telephone number display / service display
  • Large digital display


PlumbAgent is a Gas Safe Registered business and provides boiler replacement services to homeowners across the UK

PlumbAgent is connected to the biggest names in the market. This means we get excellent service from our suppliers. We can then provide superb service and competitive pricing with our customers.

Yes, we will arrange a survey by our installer just to ensure that the answers you give in the app are accurate.

This way your installer can confirm that the price you see in the app is the price you pay.

Surveys are done SUPERQUICK by your installer and once you get the OK your job can go ahead promptly once you have decided on your payment method.

PlumbAgent uses only the best installers across the whole of the UK. 
PlumbAgent installers are likely to live just around the corner from you, they know the area, they know the suppliers and they are keen to provide you with the very best service.
This is what makes PlumbAgent unique and we intend to carry on growing a committed, well trained installer network where everyone benefits.
Yes, there are different ways to pay and you will find all the information on each product page. 
You can apply for credit to enable you to spread your payments.
We offer no deposit terms, competitive APR’s and you can take up to 10 years to pay.
Yes, like any gas appliance we recommend an annual service and this will ensure your boiler continues to work reliably and that your warranty remains valid.
We will contact you before each service is due to remind you that your service is due.

The majority of boiler replacements will be done within one day but if your job is likely to take longer your installer will advise you of this during your survey.

PlumbAgent provides a choice of 8 boiler brands.

You can find out all about them in the pages of this website.

We are confident that all of our chosen brands offer great value for money. 

You’ll find warranties of 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 years available and we leave it up to you to choose based on your own personal requirements.

Your warranty includes all the components inside your boiler only.

It covers parts & labour and is provided by the manufacturer of your chosen boiler.

Your wider system which was in place prior to your boiler replacement will not be covered by the warranty.

Any system components that are included as part of your installation such as the time control and filter will be covered by the relevant manufacturer warranty for that item.

  1. You can pay in full using your debit or credit card.
  2. You can also spread your payments with no deposit and take up to 10 years to pay.
  3. You can also pay by electronic bank transfer but the funds will need to clear before we commence any work.

We'll Go The Extra Mile To Make Our Customers Happy

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