Get an Online Pricing Tool for your business

The UK boiler replacement market is changing fast.

National companies are using web based pricing tools to enable home owners across the country to create their own boiler replacement quotes in just a few minutes.

This is a threat to all local, independent installers who replace boilers on a regular basis.

The threat is getting stronger and it won’t be going away any time soon. 

Choose from 3 online pricing tools.

Fully branded for your business includes your prices, your brand and your warranties.

Work hand in hand with us. We’ll manage the customer and you get the job.

We’ll build you a pricing tool to suit your needs and embed it into your website.

Benefits for Installers

Get your quote in to your customer within 5 minutes of first contact.

By involving your customer in the delivery of your quotation – You will find that they engage with you immediately.

Customers are far more savvy now than ever. They know they can get a price for a new boiler – In just a few minutes.​

Digital is changing the trade forever

Don't Lose out to the big boys

Installers Mobile App

No need for app stores

Share your mobile app without sending anyone to an app store. It makes it so easy for installers to get to their customer – You can even share it by text.

It used to be thought that mobile apps were too expensive for smaller companies but those days are gone for good.

You can get a new mobile pricing tool now – For the price of a good night out !!!

Become More Efficient

Digital pricing tools save you money and make you far more efficient creating - More quality time in your life.​

Be More Mobile

Mobile apps now outstrip the use of desktop PC's and even mobile web - You can mobilise and win more business.​

Get Faster

Customer acquisition is key for boiler installers in this digital age - Speed up your quoting process.
Mobile app adoption & use
Mobile users who are happy to purchase online
Transfer rate from desktop to mobile

Top Brands

Boiler installers can choose any brand they like for their mobile app.  Manufacturer warranties range from 2 years to 12 with prices from budget to premium.

important things Boiler Installers should know

Questions And Answers

It depends on how you want to run your business. If you’re happy to sub-contract then the Tribe app is the one for you.

Installers who don’t sub-contract should look at the QuickTime app.

If you’re driving good visitor traffic to your website a plug-in is essential.

Each pricing tool is different and we’d need to find out what you are looking to achieve before we advise the best soution. 

That would then determine the cost.

The current lead times for mobile apps is 15 working days.

The current lead time for plug-in pricing tools is 10 working days.

Yes, of course.

Many installers add other service details such as repairs & maintenance, bathrooms and plumbing installations.

Yes, finance is available in conjunction with our broker but we’ll need to understand the type of app you require before we advise which route to take.

We are getting lots of demand for all types of pricing tool.

It depends on where your business is positioned and how you want to run it and then the correct choice becomes easy.

Yes, we can supply you with a modern, attractive logo if required.

We’ll be there by your side helping you to get the best value possible through from your app.

Whether it’s by SEO or paid ads we’ll provide the support you need.

We’ll even produce a promotional video should you require*

*included in Gold subscription