Installing a New Boiler

A Beginner's Guide

” Today, I’m going to highlight what to look out for when you consider installing a new boiler.”

The first thing I should say is it’s very hard to know which boiler you need without any prior knowledge or experience. 

– I should know I’ve been in the boiler replacement business all my life.

I still have to take care when I’m recommending the best boiler to install.

In this article I’m going to explain to you how each boiler type works, and whether it’s suitable for your home.

…and what you can expect to pay dependent on your budget requirements.

Here’s a video from my friends at Worcester Bosch which you’ll find helpful.

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A new ‘A’ rated condensing gas boiler is over 92% efficient delivering a saving against your old boiler of 30% plus in gas running costs.

When you should be installing a new boiler is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a home owner.

A bad choice will result in many hours of upset and anger. 

Poor hot water delivery or slow heat up, for instance can affect your quality of life and that of those around you.

" What Type of Boiler Will I Need? "

Worcester Boiler

That’s a great question. 

There’s a choice of 3 main boiler types in the UK today.

1. Combination Boiler – Often referred to as a Combi Boiler. 

This boiler type connects to the incoming water main.

It will deliver hot water instantaneously to your hot taps around your property. 

It also provides heating water for your radiator system and won’t require other water storage tanks.

This means you can remove any other water tanks and remove water storage from your loft space.

This removes any worries of freezing pipes during the winter.

Care has to be taken when sizing and choosing a new combi boiler as your exact hot water requirements need to be satisfied.

This varies based on the size of your property, how many bathrooms and showers you have and the number of family members who live with you.

” A combi boiler gives you instantaneous hot water with the added benefit of being able to take out all your other water storage tanks “

" What's The Cost To Install a Combi Boiler ? "

This varies based on property size and hot water requirement.

Care has to be taken when installing a new boiler, particularly a new combi boiler.

Try PlumbAgent’s handy boiler pricing tool if you’re asking yourself ‘what size of boiler do I need?’ 

Here you’ll get just the right size of combi boiler along with a fully inclusive price including installation…

2. Regular Boiler – Often referred to as a Heat Only Boiler. 

This is a traditionally ‘British’ central heating system type because of its low pressure operation.

It has an open vented tank for feed and expansion and an immersion heater back up for hot water.

This boiler type has been installed in millions of UK homes since the introduction of central heating.

Regular boilers are often replaced by combi boilers but if there is low water pressure in your area.

You’ll need to change your existing heat only boiler with another one of the same type.

It’s best to upgrade your controls when you change your regular boiler like for like.

Also make sure that storage tanks in your loft and in your airing cupboard are still in good condition.

If not it’s best to replace them as installing a new boiler needs to be done right first time.

Follow up visits to fix problems afterwards should be avoided at all costs.

” A regular or heat only boiler means you won’t have to seal your central heating system as you do with a combi boiler and you’ll still have hot water back up in case of a failure”

" What's The Cost To Install a Regular Boiler ? "

Again, property size and hot water requirements will decide your new boiler installation costs. 

It’s vital that your boiler installer checks that the other system components are still in good working order.

Costs will increase if new central heating controls are required for instance

This is also the case if you need to replace your water storage tanks.

Try PlumbAgent’s boiler pricing tool which will easily calculate boiler size and other requirements.

” All controls, irrespective of boiler type will need to be checked to ensure they conform with recently introduced Boiler Plus Regulations ”  – credit HHIC

3. System Boiler

System boilers are installed when there is a technical reason stopping the selection of a combi or heating only boiler.

You’ll need a system boiler if you have poor cold water inlet pressure.

High water delivery requirements or system related issues preventing installations of other boiler types.

System boilers are at their best when installed with unvented cylinders achieving mains pressure hot water delivery. 

This is not possible with combi or regular boilers.

Ideal Logic System Boiler

Ideal Logic+ System Boiler

” System boilers are the least installed boiler type in the UK but offer installers and homeowners and boiler installers benefits that are not available with other boiler types “

" What's The Cost To Install a System Boiler ? "

System boiler installation costs are decided by local conditions and user requirements.

This boiler type is often used as a ‘compromise’ when installing a new boiler and because of this are the most infrequently installed boiler.

Click our easy to use boiler pricing calculator below which is a great resource when you are looking at quotes for new boilers.

"And finally..."

Thank for reading my article ” Installing a New Boiler – A Beginner’s Guide” 

You now have all the information you need to make an informed decision on your new boiler quote.

Use the pricing tool above with confidence knowing that you have everything you need to make a smart choice.

If you found this article helpful please let me know how you’re getting on with your search for a new boiler.

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