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It doesn’t take much web surfing to work out that when it comes to boilers …there are many more questions than answers. In this blog post let’s take some of the most common, frequently occurring questions from across the web and give you some answers.

This article answers the when’s the why’s, the how’s, the what’s and other Google Search questions too numerous. 

So, sit back and read answers to questions you may not have thought of yet and maybe some you have.

Questions about Your Boiler


When to buy a new boiler?  🤔


1. You should think about buying a new boiler if your current one is unreliable and is starting to break down.

Service & maintenance costs will start to build up and there comes a point when money spent on an old boiler ‘could & should’ be spent on a new one.

The old saying ‘sending good money after bad’ certainly comes to mind.

2. You should think about buying a new boiler if your current one is over 10 years old. It’s highly likely that your old boiler is as little as 60% efficient (which many 10 year old boilers are).

Think of it like this – for every £1 you spend on gas you lose 40p out of the flue which is just the same as being a high rate tax payer!!!

Compare that with a modern, ‘A’ Rated condensing boiler which will be no worse than 92% efficient.

All of a sudden you’re throwing just 8p in the £ away. So at this point the new boiler is starting to pay for itself based on the fuel cost savings alone.


Why is my boiler so noisy?  🤔

1. “Some boilers are noisier in operation than others” – that’s generally true but the noise shouldn’t be making your life a misery.

If it is then it’s probably time to call in your local Gas Safe Registered heating engineer who will be able to tell if the noise is just a fact of your boiler’s life or whether there is a fix available.

 2. It’s possible the noise isn’t coming from your boiler at all – it just seems like it 😤.

There could well be a fault in your system like an air lock or pipes that make a noise when they expand and contract. 

It’s another reason to ask your local engineer to come and investigate – I’d wager they’ll probably be able to fix it for you in no time. 


How much does a new boiler cost?  🤔


1. There’s lots to consider – what type is it?, what output is it?, do I have to have the same type or can I change to a different kind?…

The questions just keep coming but the good news is that it’s never been easier to get a price for a replacement boiler – you don’t even need to get the gas man round any more!!!

You can get an idea of what your new boiler is likely to cost by clicking the button below and answering a few easy questions. 

It’s always a good idea to ask the boiler installer to pop round once you have a price to do a pre-installation survey – just to make sure you’ve answered your questions correctly ✅


2. Brand selection and preference nearly always plays a part in anything we buy, from a pair of socks to a new house – and your choice of boiler brand is no different.

There will always be the ‘Rolls Royce’ brand versus the not so Rolls Royce and you should probably expect to pay extra if brand is important to you 🚗

PlumbAgent prices start from £1,589.00 fully installed including everything you’ll need to make you toasty and warm again 

– Oh, we also install all of the ‘premium’ brands too if that’s what you’re looking for 👍.

3. The final consideration is the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. 

There’s no doubt that the world (as far as central heating boilers is concerned) has gone extended warranty barmy with 2 years at the one end and 12 years at the other!!! 

Naturally, you’ll expect to pay a bit more for a boiler with a longer warranty period but reconsidering your brand choice can often offset the extra.

ps… we’ll let you into a little secret – you won’t find any rubbish boiler brands in the pages of this website so buy with confidence knowing you’ll get a best in class installation 💪🏻 along with your new boiler.


What new boiler to choose?  🤔


1. You are likely to have one of three  types of boiler installed in your property currently: –

– Regular (sometimes referred to as ‘heating only’)

– Combination boiler  or ‘combi boiler’

– System boiler

You might have a fire & back boiler unit at present which is a type of regular boiler but these are in the minority now and they are not available to be changed ‘like for like’.

Combi boilers represent over 70% of boilers installed in the UK today due to their ease of use, relatively low running costs and ease of installation. 

It’s likely your property is suitable for a combi replacement if your hot water requirements are not too great. 

If you live in a 2 bathroom ( or more ) home great care must be taken in the selection of a replacement boiler to ensure that your family’s bathing and showering needs are met.


Which new boiler to choose? 🤔

If you’re talking about brand – then there’s plenty to see here on our featured boilers page.

You won’t find any rubbish but what you will find is a deep selection of boilers starting at £1,589.00 from all the leading brands in the UK market including Ideal, Worcester, Baxi, Ariston and Heatline with manufacturer warranties ranging from 2 to 12 years.

Use our online pricing tool and you’ll know in just a few minutes what your replacement boiler is going to cost on a fixed and final basis.

We’ll ask you to answer a few easy questions about your existing system, you can upload a few pictures as you go to give us a better idea and you can even pay online.

We’ll also include a smart new timer and thermostat depending on your needs and we’ll also install a system filter to make sure your new boiler is protected against system contamination and corrosion for many years to come.

…right then, where’s that next question?

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