Need a New Boiler?

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It’s thought that only 20% of UK home owners actually ‘plan’ to replace their old boiler.

At PlumbAgent we think that’s wrong… we reckon it’s a lot less!!!

So, why is that?

We think that most householders in the UK plan to spend their hard earned on other things than a new boiler and when the old one breaks down it always seems to come as a bit of a shock.

Almost inevitably, thoughts turn to the boiler replacement cost and do we even know any boiler installers who can do the job for us?

The problems then mount because out of nowhere we now have a major problem… no boiler generally means no heating and even worse, more often than not… no hot water .

So what to do?

“but it’s only 20 years old…”

Thankfully, there is a shortcut available to at least help us to find out how much the new gas boiler will cost and this is thanks to a new online estimating tool made available by the good sorts at PlumbAgent.

In a matter of minutes you can find out how much your boiler replacement is likely to cost and further, you can then arrange for a highly qualified and vetted boiler installer to attend using our handy online appointment maker.

PlumbAgent network installers cover the UK and we can arrange to have a new boiler installed in as little as 24 hours.

You can make this happen by clicking the link above and using our new online estimating tool which gives you the choice of 8 leading UK boiler brands along with warranty periods of 2 to 10 years.

This allows you to decide your brand and warranty package before you start working through the app.

You’ll find top boiler brands like Ideal Boilers along with favourites like Baxi Boilers and top class boiler manufacturers like Viessmann along with budget options from Alpha Boilers and the Heatline Capriz2 new Combi Boiler.

We’ll ask you some easy questions and our pricing tool lets you upload some photos of your current set up which you can do really easily and even upload them as you go.

You’ll then be given a boiler replacement cost estimate based on your brand and warranty selections coupled with the answers you type into the app.

All that’s left to do then is to arrange your installer survey using the booking feature and you’ll be well on your way to getting that new boiler.

The video below explains what’s included in the PlumbAgent package and rest assured we only supply and install the best boilers.

Thanks for reading.

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