How Much Should a New Boiler Cost?

Find the answer to this often asked question.

” Most homeowners are faced with this question at least once in their lives”

Find out about new boiler installation costs

In this article I’ll lift the lid on a key subject – how much should a new boiler cost?

It’s fair to say that no other major household purchase cost is more variable than the cost for new boiler installation.

After reading this article you’ll know how to go about getting a new boiler.

Believe me it’s very easy to pay too much for a replacement boiler.

This is because it’s nigh on impossible to compare a new boiler quote like 4 like.

Each boiler installer will go about the job in different ways using different installation methods and varying materials.

One thing that should be consistent is that all boiler installers should be visible on the Gas Safe Register – ask to see their card.

Here’s a graphic showing how quotes for new boilers vary due to location, brands used and installers chosen


This chart is built using rolling data collected by PlumbAgent over the past 12 months and shows a marked variance in pricing.

Each boiler installation cost was for a changeover from a non-condensing heating only boiler to a condensing combi.

An upgrade to Boiler Plus compatible controls was included along with a chemical flush.

It also includes the installation of a new Fernox TF1 system filter.

The biggest difference is the cost of a new combi boiler which varies by as much £400.

This is based mainly on brand status or perception.

Boiler warranties were the same and general boiler performance characteristics were very similar, ie. domestic hot water flow rates.

Before you get any quotes for new boilers be sure to read our information page.

Here you can learn about the various different boilers and system types.

New Boiler Costs

Before you make a decision on which boiler to buy use the PlumbAgent pricing tool.

Vital when you are asking yourself the question of how much should a new boiler cost?

Factors affecting the price of gas boilers

Before you begin your search for a new boiler, understand that normal rules of comparison do not necessarily apply.

You’ll find Worcester Bosch combi boilers with 6 year warranties costing the same as Ariston Combi Boilers with 12 year warranties.

This is the more to do with branding perceptions and not so much about the relative merits of each boiler.

This pricing disparity goes some way to explaining the variances in the previous diagram.

 There are examples of it everywhere you look.

Boiler Installation Cost

As well as brand choice your final boiler replacement cost will rest heavily on the actual work involved to replace it.

Like for like boiler swaps involve less work and time.

They also cost less than jobs involving alterations to pipework and boiler position.

Similarly, the replacement of existing water storage tanks can have a drastic effect on boiler installation costs.

Your choice of boiler installer will also influence the total installation cost.

It’s also fair to say the way you engage boiler installers is changing fast.

The traditional way of getting quotes for new boilers is changing with the use of web based pricing tools.

This removes the need to invite several boiler installers to your property to provide boiler replacement quotes.

It is now possible for you to produce your own boiler replacement quote.

Your fully installed price will be fixed and final.

Boiler replacement quoting tools

New technology has enabled homeowners who are looking for quotes for new boilers to generate their own.

The PlumbAgent boiler pricing app enables you to get a boiler replacement cost whilst also engaging high quality local installers.

Other items you'll need

Fernox TF1 Filter

System filters like this one from Fernox protect your new boiler from corrosion by ensuring your system water stays clean.

It’s not a good idea to spend thousands of pounds on a new boiler and then leave it unprotected.


Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Thermostatic Radiator Valves or TRV’s ensure your system conforms to the latest regulations.

They also help you to run your heating system more efficiently saving you money on your bills by giving greater control over room temperatures.

Common Boiler Types

Combi boiler diagram

Combi Boiler

This boiler connects directly to the incoming water main and delivers heating and hot water on demand.

Regular boiler diagram

Regular Boiler

Sometimes referred to as heat only, this boiler is fed by water storage tanks in the loft and the airing cupboard.

System Boiler

System boilers work with water storage tanks but allow the home owner to remove water storage from their loft space.

They work by sealing the heating system which has advantages over regular boilers.

You will find a more detailed explanation by visiting our boiler information page.

How do I find a boiler installer to trust?

Plumber Image

It’s critical that things are done just right when installing a new boiler.

The PlumbAgent installer network is carefully selected by us and is committed to providing the best boiler installation.

We support our installer network by ensuring that materials are sourced locally and delivered on time, every time.

You can trust us to get the pricing right too and our warranty packages range from 2 to 10 years.

When you’re searching for the best new boiler cost – we won’t let you down.


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