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PlumbAgent Tribe is a dual branded boiler pricing app offering attractive benefits to independent plumbing & heating installers. 

You can use your app to win more business, become more efficient and take advantage of PlumbAgent finance products.

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The UK boiler replacement market is changing fast. National companies are using web based pricing tools to enable home owners across the country to create their own boiler replacement quotes in just a few minutes. This is a threat to all local, independent plumbing & heating engineers who replace boilers on a regular basis. The threat is getting stronger and it won't be going away any time soon.
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All prices exc. VAT @ 20%

PlumbAgent Tribe

The Partner App
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  • Built & Set Up
  • Joint Branded
  • Updates Included
  • Home Page
  • Profile Page
  • Contact Form
  • Brand Leading Boilers
  • Customer Finance
  • Conditional Pricing Tool
  • Picture Uploads
  • Manufacturer Videos
  • Promo Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Tribe Installers introduce homeowners to PlumbAgent who are a Gas Safe Registered (no. 628460) boiler installer.

PlumbAgent supplies all of the major materials for each job and the installer partner supplies a few consumables, a pre-installation survey and installation services.

In simple terms, an installer shares their app with homeowners in need of a boiler replacement and ‘introduces’ them to PlumbAgent.

The homeowner completes the questions in the app and creates their own boiler replacement quote based on their own personal requirements.

They also request a pre-installation survey date straight from the app

An Email confirmation of the boiler replacement quote is automatically sent to the customer, the installer and PlumbAgent.

PlumbAgent will then confirm the price to the customer and they can then formally accept the quotation.

As the introducing Tribe Installer all you need do now is wait for the job to come back to you for the pre-installation survey.

This will be sent to you by PlumbAgent who will deal directly with the customer.

Great Question !!

We realise we’ve asked a lot of you so far and it’s got to be well worth your while to become one of our Tribe Partner Installers.

Here’s some Tribe Partner Installer benefits: –

Great rates – We pay excellent sub-contractor rates for like for like swaps and changeovers. We’ll also be fair when a job is not so straight forward.

Finance – PlumbAgent can offer customer finance without you having to get involved with the time and cost of form filling and becoming FCA registered.

We offer 12 and 24 months INTEREST FREE along with interest bearing deals at 11.9% APR with 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 years to pay. The customer doesn’t have to pay a deposit if they choose not to.

If you want to become an introducer to finance though 🤔

…we can help you with that ✅

Less Outlay – PlumbAgent buys and supplies all the main materials for the job. All we ask is you provide some fittings and consumables (these will be in your price from us).

This makes it easier for you to stay under the VAT threshold too 👍

Choice of WarrantyWe all know that the world of central heating boilers has gone extended warranty barmy.

We also know that not every customer wants an extended warranty over the standard 2 years.

So we give them a choice of warranties from 2 to 10 years.

Protect Your Business – Get a boiler pricing tool and use it to help protect and grow your business in the fast changing UK Plumbing & Heating market.

Promote Your Brand – Use your Tribe Installer app to promote your business.

Your Tribe app uses a state of the art PWA (Progressive Web Application) platform which means you can share your app at no cost in many different ways.

You can even share it by text in just a few seconds.

… and there’s no need for the app stores 😀

Keep the Customer – The customer remains yours for onward servicing work.

We’d like you to install the new boiler professionally and return to service it for many more years to come.

What we’re looking for…

  • We’d like to see your qualifications for the jobs you’ll be doing
  • Your means of identity (Such as your passport or driving licence)
  • Your Public Liability Insurance Policy with a minimum of £2m cover
  • You’ll need an ‘Indemnity to Principal’ clause in your insurance policy
  • Company details (Sole Trader or Ltd is fine)