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Plumbing Emergency

The Plumbing Emergency mobile app from PlumbAgent connects householders across the UK with fully insured, qualified and professional plumbing & heating trades who are working through the Lockdown period.

If you’re a qualified UK based plumbing & heating professional looking to provide emergency services to householders local to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private householders around the UK use the app to connect with local plumbing & heating trades for emergency plumbing, heating and drainage emergencies.

There’s no cost to qualified trades. Register for FREE and PlumbAgent will provide your listing within the app. You can choose which trade emergencies you’d like to be listed for.

The customer finds you within the app by identifying the region they live in and then searching by postcode and trade requirement. So, if you’re registered for heating emergencies and the customer’s boiler has broken down – they’ll find you!!!

There are no set rates and PlumbAgent doesn’t charge a fee for using the app. Just charge what you’d normally charge and the customer will settle with you directly.

Great Question!!! 

PlumbAgent advertises the app on social media and other channels but you can do your bit too by publicising the app on your social media channels amongst your friends and relatives.

It’s in everybody’s interests!!!

Yes – easily and it’s just as easy to share it with others too.

Keep an eye out there will be more on this from PlumbAgent.

Not a lot!!!

Just the satisfaction of knowing we’re doing our bit for our trade community during troubled times.

Who is it for?

The app is for plumbers and heating engineers who wish to be found by customers who have a plumbing emergency.
The customer searches for you by postcode and contacts you directly from the app.

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Plumbing Emergencies

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  • FREE Trade Listing
  • Direct Contact from the App
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  • Postcode Search
  • Charge Your Own Rates
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