' The Case For Automation '

…the art of the touchless sale

No matter how we deny, complain or fight against it, the uncomfortable truth is that there is now the case for automation as homeowners up and down the country are discovering new ways to replace their old gas boiler.

One online boiler installation company for instance is heading for £30m in sales (virus not withstanding) in the last year – 4 years ago they didn’t exist !!

Public requesting emergency plumber visit

..."more homeowners doing new boiler quotes"

Yes, it’s true

Leading keyword research tools tell us how many monthly Google searches are being done on terms like New Boiler (12,600)  and Combi Boiler (27,100) !!!

It’s a fact and it’s growing.

New Boiler Installer

" So What? "

Good Question – it might not affect you or your boiler installation business or your hopes for the future.

…then again it just might, so why take the risk of not playing the online heating firms at their own game?

Recent business history is littered with examples of businesses who failed because they didn’t change with the times.

Remember Woolworths, Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia, Blackberry… I could go on

" What's that got to do with me? "

Think of it like this …just because something has always been doesn’t mean that it will always be.

The way homeowners arrange their boiler replacements is changing – FAST !!!

The current lockdown is providing smaller, local installers the opportunity to sit down and consider how things might look for them when the world starts to get back to some kind of normal.

Some Facts

Web based and digital pricing tools are already here to stay.

Their continued adoption and use will start to restrict boiler jobs coming into the market in the traditional way, ie. local advertising, word of mouth etc.

Homeowners are now more willing to build their own quotes online knowing that the margin for error is virtually removed.

The pace of digital change is quickening – Some local installers will be left behind.

The case for automation & estimating software is already becoming a key factor for successful boiler installation companies.

Mastering the art of the ‘touchless sale’ will be the most key success factor for boiler installers moving forward.

"OK - I get it but how ?"

It’s time to protect your business against the inevitable onset of DIGITAL.

The BIGGEST and most EXCITING opportunity for private, one-off installers to win more boiler business is…

Speak to PlumbAgent

We realise it can be quite daunting when you’re considering how to take your business forward after COVID-19 at a time when the market is going digital.

That’s why Martin Smith, founder of PlumbAgent is inviting you to a 1 to 1 live video chat with him to talk about the case for automation in your business.

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