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As customers start to use web pricing tools.
You can get into the game for just £99 + VAT!!!

Public requesting emergency plumber visit

One online boiler installation company has grown from £0.00 in 2016 to £30m in 2019.

That’s 18,000 boiler changes that didn’t come into the trade and it’s the tip of a very large iceberg.

Generate your own leads and get great rates...

Introduce the customer and leave the rest to us.

We pay industry leading rates* to you for boiler installations and you'll also get to keep the customer for future work.

*Once your order is received we will call you to complete the on-boarding process. This includes agreeing the rates which as a guide are typically 50% above other similar companies. 

*Based on like for like Combi Swaps.

How can I get my App?

There are many benefits of having your own boiler pricing app.
Here's how to get yours...

Step One

Click the get started button below and pay just £99 + VAT for your fully featured boiler pricing app.

Step Two

We'll get in touch with you to fully understand your requirements and to explain how things work in detail.

Step Three

We'll build your app, add your logo and personalise it so as your customer knows it's from you and us.

How does the App work?

Watch the video below which explains how it works for boiler installers and homeowners

Learn to defend yourself

There's no doubt large, national companies are targeting your boiler installation business using smart, web based pricing tools.

Now PlumbAgent Tribe gives you the opportunity to fight back with your own.

Keep your independence

Allow your customer to price their own boiler replacement job using a pricing tool designed by us for you.

It's the way it's going so make sure you don't become a victim of the changing times.

"Large national installation companies are looking to target your business, your livelihood and your way of life. Learn to fight back with your own boiler pricing app"
Martin Smith - The Author
Martin Smith


The PlumbAgent Tribe boiler pricing app is available to you for the ridiculously low price of
£99 + VAT.

Get the app personalised with your logo and contact details and share it with your customers as easily as sending a text.


£99 + VAT

**Renews annually

Frequently Asked Questions

No – Once you’ve paid your registration fee of £99 + VAT that’s it, there’s no more to pay until next year when the annual fee will be due again.

Yes, the customer doesn’t have to pay a deposit if they don’t want to and they can spread their payments over 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 years if they so wish. The APR starts at 11.9% which is competitive too. 

There’s also INTEREST FREE options for 12 and 24 months with no deposit.

No – We’ll take care of things so as you don’t have to get involved with any form filling or costs.

A selection of boiler warranties up to 12 years are included to give the customer choice and peace of mind when they are selecting their package.

Just the opposite actually – Household names at competitive prices with a choice of warranties up to 12 years.

Join the Digital Revolution

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