Water Leaking From Boiler?

Common signs of leaking boilers and what to do.

” Plus 5 essential things to do if you have a combi boiler leaking water “

Water leak on boiler

” When your boiler is leaking water it’s a time of great stress and upset “

There’s many reasons why you might wake up one morning to find you have water leaking from the boiler

In fact you’re most likely reading this article because you’ve just realised that you have a boiler dripping water.

It’s a pretty horrible situation and it can be hard to know the best course of action.

Don’t Panic !!! Follow the information in this article and you’ll soon have the problem fixed one way or the other…


” At this stage it’s probably best to say that no matter how you view it – a boiler dripping water is not good news. “

" Where is the boiler dripping water from? "

Water leak on boiler

Underneath your boiler from corroded pipework maybe?

This is the most common example of your boiler leaking water.

It’s probably not down to poor or shoddy workmanship during the install.

It’s more likely the effects of time and the fact you have water, metal and air mixing together over a long period – it’s understandable.

…but still annoying.

” Water leaks are the bane of any plumber or gas engineer’s life and it’s possible you’ll have a water leak on even the most professional job “

" What Should I do ? "


The obvious answer to this question is… don’t do nothing !!!

It’s definitely sensible to call an emergency plumber before you do anything else.

After all, it may be that you won’t need a replacement just because you have water dripping from your boiler.

You can use the Plumbing Emergencies app by tapping the app image.

You can then make direct contact with a local trades person able to fix your leaking boiler in no time.


" How will this help? "

All plumbing & heating trades listed in the Plumbing Emergencies app will be able to attend to your plumbing emergency very quickly because they are local to you.

You can also settle with them directly once the job is complete.

How will I know if my boiler is leaking?

Sometimes it’s just obvious when you have a leak because it’s clear you have a boiler leaking water.

Other times it’s not so obvious and you have to search a little harder.

For example checking the tightness and dryness of the pipework around the boiler.

Leaking Pipe

” If you have a combi boiler you will know very quickly if your boiler is leaking water because you have a pressure gauge on your boiler “

When the pressure drops – you have a leak somewhere in the system 😔

My Boiler Keeps Losing Pressure - What's the Problem?

This is another sign of water leaks in the system which is obviously a cause for concern.

This could be caused by water leaking from boiler components such as the PRV (Pressure Relief Valve).

This is a safety device used to ensure that the water pressure in your boiler doesn’t reach dangerous levels.

Unfortunately, you can get system debris settling on the PRV when it’s previously been open and this can let water pass.

leaking pressure relief valve

” It’s never a good idea to empty your heating system pipework by opening the PRV – as system debris can cause the seal to pass water ”  

It’s possible that your boiler is losing pressure because your expansion vessel (also contained within the boiler case) on combi’s and system boilers is faulty.

This is again, not a good sign and you will be left with a choice

…changing the expansion which is very costly or putting that money towards a new boiler.

If you get to the stage where a new boiler is inevitable – you can find a wide choice of replacements here.

” Sometimes, especially with older boilers it becomes more cost effective to spend money on a new boiler “

I've been told my heat exchanger is leaking - Is that bad?

Water leaking from boiler problems don’t come much worse than heat exchanger related issues.

Heat exchangers cost anything between £250 and £400 plus labour costs and can be the cause of your boiler dripping water.

It’s now worth considering a new boiler as spending that kind of money on a boiler that’s 8 years old or more could be foolish.

It’s probably sensible to use that money towards a new boiler either as part of a cash payment or a deposit.

PlumbAgent has some great deals and options to soften the blow of a boiler change.

"I've checked everything but there's no sign of a leak"

It’s possible the leak is inside the case and could be the reason why your boiler loses pressure.

You’ll certainly need a visit from a qualified trades person like those listed in the Plumbing Emergencies app from PlumbAgent

Plumber with Van

Is my leaking boiler dangerous?

It’s unlikely – but remember you have electrics inside your boiler too and as we all know electric and water doesn’t mix.

Surprisingly, boiler manufacturers have been known to position water carrying parts directly over electrical components.

This leads to a greater potential for problems and you should bear this in mind.

I think I have a boiler leaking water - What's Your Advice?

Here’s 5 essential things to do when you have water leaking from boiler symptoms…

  1.  Carry out visual checks as above – remember not to use tools for this as boiler maintenance is not for a novice.
  2.  If you find a leak – minimise the effects. Collect in a bowl or a bucket 
  3. Adjust the boiler pressure – if too low. The ideal pressure on the gauge should be 1 bar but don’t overdo it.
  4. Call a qualified trades person using the Plumbing Emergencies app
  5. Research boiler replacement costs versus boiler repair costs because it’s likely you’ll need to move quick.

"And Finally..."

Thank for reading our article ”Water Leaking From Boiler – Common Signs of Leaking Boilers and what to do.”

It’s likely you’re worrying unnecessarily about your boiler leaking water but it’s best to be prepared for any outcome.

Carry out basic checks for yourself and arrange for a qualified professional to call round via the Plumbing Emergencies app.

This is the best way to ensure a positive outcome and to avoid some of the really bad things that can happen when water leaks.

Please share this article on your social networks and we’d love to read any comments and questions.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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